AdBlock Master:Block Popup Ads App Reviews

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Great once set up

Last steps of the set up could have been a little bit more idiot proof, but once I got the adblocker installed, I really enjoyed the lack of distracting ads.

its great just download it.

no seriously. just look at all the other ratings.

Asks me to rate right away

I really hate it when an app asks me to rate it a few minutes after downloading. I really don’t know if it is any good or not. A box came up asking me if I liked it with a choice of yes or no. I was kind and said yes, it brought me here so I gave it 3 stars. Annoying.


This app worked great for me Put an end to the frustration Give it a try

Stops annoyiing adds

Although I have only recently added this program, I installed it on our three computers and it is working well.

best solution for web surfing….

best for el capitan … :)

Seems great, but I just installed it minutes ago

Seems great, easy to install, just started using, time will tell.


This adlbocker is amaizng!! I don’t have ads anymore! woohoo!!

Five stars!

Best app and best support, totally protection.

Fantastic & did not effect bandwidth or speed

Performs as advertised, copied & pasted the URL for internet proxy. Was worried about decreasing internet speed but have streamed video in HD without buffering. Impressed.

Runs on Wi-FI

I have my computer connected by cable modem and apparelty this program only works on Wi-Fi. Bummer

It’s ok but remains in memory

The ad block works, but the app remain running on time in memory, which means memory comsumption… others add some code to the app initiation files avoiding to reduce your memory availability. I like the app, but could be better if is not memory resident.

Did nothing

I have a Macbook Pro running 10.9.5. Installed and restarted. App would not even open. Did not seem to be installed, no idea how this got such good ratings.


Downloaded, show up in Launchpad but just sits there. Left click, right click, double click. Never does anything, never opens. Not a good product.

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