AdBlock Master:Block Popup Ads Recenzje App


Filters out unwanted adds

Orano Randall

I have found it blocks the pop ups that used to take over my computer and then not let me delete them from my system. I am enjoying it very much for my Mac.

Keeps nagging me to like it

Keeps nagging me to like it, when I click NO to get rid of the notification, it pops up again an hour later asking me to like it again. So here’s your review. Deleted.

Excellent Blocker — Absolutely

Works amazingly well. I use it on a MacBook Pro.

Simple & Effective

real good, nothing weird pop up on my screen again.

So far so good

It seems to do what it says it does. No ads so far, though admittedly I just installed it a half hour ago.

Cleaned up my problem

My computer was going crazy this morning, I tried to get what ever got into it cleaned up, but was stumped. It changed my safari home screen. THEN I get this loud Squeal coming and all this stuff coming up on the screen, the power button did no good, and pulled the plug. When I got it back on, I bought this APP, and whew, my computer is back to how it was. THANK YOU!


Not sure how well the app preforms, it asked me after the first 2 minutes to rate it and i don’t like being pestered by reminders to rate apps


Not ready for primetime garbage. As with it’s “support” staff it does NOTHING, just impedes. Nonsensical interface, blocks absolutely NOTHING, and is a waste of money. There IS no support, just inticing links to some imaginary hope. Hey developers, go F yourself

Seemed ok for a day

Did a good job of blocking ads. The deluge of “do you like us” popups are just as annoying as popup ads though so I deleted it after 2 days.

love it. blocks on apps as well as web

I especially love this app because i can use it over different apps, it isn’t just restricted to web browswers

Seems to work well

Blocks ads. But, sometimes also blocks other apps I use in minor ways. Would also like a simpler way to get it running on startup.

So far so good!

Just installed this app. Ad blocking is like the difference between “chicken manure and chicken salad! Very pleased I got this app!

The irony…

This app works pretty well. Hard to actually tell exactly how well, but, as far as I can tell, it works well. My complaint however, is the irony of an app that is supposed to reduce annoyances, including blocking pop-up ads, itself has a popup notification that appears every 15 minutes or so, asking if you like the app or not? Click no? Wait 15 minutes, it’ll ask again. For. Ever. Had it asked maybe once a week, I would have come in here and given the app 4 stars. But the number of times I’ve had to clear the notification every day I use my computer, especially when I’ve got CAD or YouTube running fullscreen, and this dang notification pops up in the corner…. Come on folks.

Negative stars

No you cant have access to my Home directory!!!!

so far

Just installed but seems to improve the performance of my browser.

Great Ad Blocker

I only ended up with this ad blocker because I received a popup stating my previous ad blocker had been disabled because it was impacting performance. I re-enabled my old ad blocker and sure enough it was significantly slowing down my system. I found this ad blocker while searching Safari Extensions and decided to give it a try. It blocks ads as well as my previous app without the performance hit. GREAT EXTENSION !!!


Application crashed on opening it. Just deleting it & looking for something better.

Didn’t block anything

I installed and activated, it did absolutely nothing, which begs the question that if it isn’t blocking ads, what IS it doing? I saw zero effectiveness in reducing ad pop ups. Fail.

Easy to set up

Has great instructions, that include pictures so it makes setting it up a breeze. It also works great!

Amazing app!

I had stopped reading the newspaper because the infinite amount of ads. All that is gone now!

easy to set up - wroks on Chrome and Safari

I want to support web sites that pay bills with ads, but at some point it becomes too obnoxious. I have to click through 2-4 to get to half-way decent content. This little app took me all of 3 min to download and setup - done. No issues. Breath of FRESH AIR! Interesting how 5-star reviews get “unhelpful” reviews and a totally implausible scenario gets lots of “helpful”. Hmmm….

seems to be doing a good thing

so far so good. no issues and it appears to be blocking the annoying crapola.

easy app

does what it claims. good app and is worth the $4.99

Didn’t stop pop ups.

Didn’t do much of anything besides waste my time and install Spigot on my system that had to be removed. Glad it was free, it isn’t even worth that.


i like it works


I do not understand the high reviews for this. I install the product, installation was actually quite easy. However, It keeps on telling me that my Crashplan online backup is a malware product - it’s not - and it made Safari unresponsive to the point of not really being usuable. I hate ads but I hate lagginess even worse. I’ve uninstalled it.

Ad Block Master

easy to use -gets the job done efficiently and been great so far very pleased overall

Slows things down

I installed it on my 2012-vintage MacBook Air running OS High Sierra. Safari slowed down immensely to the point that I had to uninstall AdBlocker. Clearly, there was some kind of conflict.

Saving The World From Outbrain/Taboola, one ad at a time

This is the kind of app and the mac used to attract. I’m so pleased to see that there are still mac developers out there, who can write neat apps, despite the lack of support or vc or marketing that charaterizes the mediocre free and paid ware that abounds today. My thanks to YongMing, for doing something to make our world a slightly better place Jerry Borrell Editor in Chief, Macworld Magazine, 1985-1992

makes my 12 year old imac feel young again

all your products work. easy to set up. best instuctions i have experienced. I thought stopping ads would declutter my web browsing.It did and the unexpected epic speed increase is very well appreciated. Thank you

Simply powerful

This is a simple interface with powerful ability. It cleans up all tracking cookies. It also removes extensions from my web browser. It was easy enough to add back in the browser extensions I wanted to use.


It’s so great it keeps everything so clean!

so far, so good;

nothing good lasts forever, but i’ve had no problems with this app; it installed and operates seamlessly, i’ve had no occasion to know its there..and more importantly, no reason at all to question its effectiveness in doing its job;

good one

easy to use and install and it works.

off-line whiner

I am often off the internet. I still use Safari to look at saved web pages but this thing is complaining about config. My old ad blocker never did that.

Good Work

This app gets rid of those pesky ads. Seems to work just fine and as advertised. So, so far, so good. Its sister app, AdBlocker Doctor is also a winner. Finally got rid of MacKeeper. Will report back with an update after I’ve had a bit more experience with the app.

Works great!

So far so good!

Great Product

I can truley say that this product has really been the solution to my pop up issues. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


Works very well to block ads on a page but doesnt block pop up ads. It’s still pretty good though.

Great job!

The app installation instructions are easy to follow and so far it has worked perfectly…much better than others blocking apps I have used in the past.

I like the ad free pages and am grateful for these apps

I’ve got AdBlock and AdBlock Plus. I’m running OS10.13.3 on aMBP. Installed easily. Set-up easy. I do not miss the ads a bit! I’m not technical enough to try and figure it out. I just know it’s doing what I want and I like it! It’s free but they do, unobtrusively ask for donations.

This is Adware

I can’t get over how much I hated this program.Yeah, sure, it seems useful and the reviews are overall pretty good, but it is extremely dark. The developer doesn’t offer a proper Support page, there’s NO WAY to actually uninstall this app if you don’t know a thing or two about getting really deep into the folders os macOS and deleting everything manually. I highly advise you to download any other adblocker or going straight to the ‘extensions’ page in Apple website to add an adblock to Safari. If you install this, you’ll have and app from a misterious developer running always in the background, without really knowing what is happening because there is no way of knowing (the developer offers even less information than support) and that no app uninstaller is capable of removing. Even the Application Icon is removed once you install the app! I really, really hope Apple checks the Mac App Store for strange apps like this one and those adware-base “cleaners” that so many people are installing nowadays in their computers. It is such a shame that not even here, in the Mac App Store, we can be completely safe of strange or dirty apps life those.

Waste of time and Money


you get what you pay for so don’t expect much from this free program

I downloaded this to hopefully stop the pop up ads hoping it would work as good as the one available for chrome. chrome was making my fan run nearly constantly while streaming so I decided to switch to safari for a bit. computer runs nice and cool but the pop ads dont stop with this nearly worthless program. If I had any assurances the pay ones worked better I'd be willing to pay for it but who knows?

So far so good

I just installed AdBlock Master. I can’t speak yet to how well it works compared to other ad blockers I’ve tried, but I can say that the installation was clean and easy. the instructions were clear and to the point. if that’s any indication, I look forward to a good experience. Keep up the good work guys. What you’re doing isn't easy. Thanks

just installed

Just installed,,seems good so far


Only tells you if you have malware and cant actually block or remove anything. When it tells you that you have malware it then directs you to another app that costs 15$.. No point of this app.


Ads never more!! Thank you guys!

Slowed everything down too much

The proxy method is ideal, but for some reason this app slows all my network activity down to a crawl.

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