AdBlock Master:Block Popup Ads Recenzje App

So far so good

I just installed AdBlock Master. I can’t speak yet to how well it works compared to other ad blockers I’ve tried, but I can say that the installation was clean and easy. the instructions were clear and to the point. if that’s any indication, I look forward to a good experience. Keep up the good work guys. What you’re doing isn't easy. Thanks

just installed

Just installed,,seems good so far


Only tells you if you have malware and cant actually block or remove anything. When it tells you that you have malware it then directs you to another app that costs 15$.. No point of this app.


Ads never more!! Thank you guys!

Slowed everything down too much

The proxy method is ideal, but for some reason this app slows all my network activity down to a crawl.

Ad Block: Master

Just easily installed the app. So far so good

sometimes yes, sometimes no

I’m not getting pop-ups while in Google, but while in my email, I’m getting advertising pop-ups FOR THIS VERY APP! Something is wrong…..

what does it do?

So far this app has done nothing with one exception, It made me spend 15.00 for a connected app to clean my mac up. Thanks for nothing the other app add ware removal did it’s job but this one stops nothing at all adds galore and the most aggravating part is its constant pop up to rate this app. No matter how many times you click NO , IT WILL CONTINUE TO POP UP ASKING FOR RATINGS. SO HERE’S A CLUE…..IF YOU ADVERTISE TO STOP POP UP ADDS WHILE THE HELL ARE YOU CONSTANTLY POPING IN TO DISRUPT MY WORK WHEN I’VE FIRMLY SAID NO A DOZEN TIMES? NO MEANS NO INCASE YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE NEW STANDARD. YOUR A COMPLETE FAILURE AND WAST OF PEOPLES TIME AND MONEY. STOP HARRASING YOUR USERS AND GENERALLY JUST PLUGGING AN OVER PRICED SISTER APP.

Best Ads Blocker

i recommend it

Not responding

When I opened the app suddenly it craashed!

This program is adware

Installed this app to block ads on my safari. Didn’t like the number of sketchy steps needed to block ads like setting up proxy etc. When I went to uninstall it would not delete stating the app was “Running”. Had to use adware medic to remove this adware program. Do not download!

Found My Security Blanket

Replaced laptop and didn’t understand why started getting nonstop popup (harddrive wasn’t transferred over). Then this morning I realized AdBlock Master was missing. You don’t appreciate you security blanket tip it’s gone! Couple hours now and ZERO popups! Life is good again!!!

First Time

Just installed the app and have run it for the first time. It seems to work well, quickly and provide me with a sense of confidence!

Very Good

It blocks that annoying adds form everywhere. You feel much better reading your newspapers without that adds blikings next your text with so many colors that really takes off your attention.

it works as expected

App works as expected. Improves my quality of life!

Man of few words

Great application its a must have on your computer !

This App does not work correctly

I got this app to block the pop up Ads that plague us while surfing Facebook. Although it does slow them down it does not stop them completely. I often close Safari and find up to 20 ads popped up in the background. Then, I couldn’t use it when I tried to log into VUDU. It stopped the sign in screen from appearing. I am very dissappointed with the program's logic.

I might have given more stars. But I’m not sure how well it works.

So I downloaded this app like 3 hours ago.Everytime My computer comes out of sleep mode it askes me. Do you like our app? yes or no. It’s not that I dont like your app its probably great. But I couldn’t click yes either as I havent had a chance to see if it blocks ads.I can tell you that the box that pops up everytie your computer comes out of sleep mode needs fixing.

Faster Ops

Not very savvy with computers. This application walked me through the process at a level I was able to follow. Had to manually remove some (7 buried) adware that already infected the system. AdBlock Master walked me through this process also, but would have been nice if it accomplished this process automatically. Did it do the job? I hope so. So far so good, at least the system is operating faster than before. Thank you.

I tried to update it and it messed up my computer.

It worked great the first three months then stopped working. When I learned about the update I tried to update it but it was too complicared. I asked AdBlock Master for support over a week ago and nevr heard from them. I tried again to do it this morning and now I can no longer send messages on my computer and I was not successful at updating adblocker

Huge Memory Leak - Do not use 1.07

I used the previous version without any problem. The new version 1.07 has a memory leak in the initial scanning stage. The memory use went up to 4 G within a couple of minutes. I uninstalled using cleanmymac and reinstalled 1.07 and same result . Please get rid of the memory issue thanks. Thanks

Simple and Effective

Was leary of ad blocking software, but this product works well and was simple to install.

So far so good

Just got this but seems to be working well so far. I had heard good things about it so wanted to try it out. I may upgrade my rating if things contine this well as they’re going now.

MAC Part Timer

I was getting a pop-up screen from Odin antivirus that I had a hard time removing. When I did get it to go away within an hour, or less, it would pop up again and ask me to download their App to protect my system. Very annoying so I searched for an adware remover and found the Yelab App. The first time I did it the Odin screen returned in a few days but when I ran the cleaner again and it asked if the problem went away and gave me the option to download a trial of the Admare Removal Pro version which I did and so far my MAC is running fine. I am very happy with this App and it seems as though they are truly dedicated to making sure your issues are resolved because they also have a support group you can contact if you still have problems. Thanks Yelab!! Happy in Syracuse, NY

Good luck deleting this app

Can’t be removed once installed.

AdBlock Master so far so good

This is a free app that downloaded in a couple of minutes or less. It works well. I don’t even miss the ads until I remind myself I uploaded Adblock Master. Like I said, so far so good. I’m glad I loaded it.

AdBlock Master

Great App!!!! Install/setup was straight forward and quick! Love the result!!! Keep up the great work

So far, so good (but the day is young)

It might have been more helpful if they’d waited more than five hot minutes before asking for my opinion, but as I said, so far so good. I will say, the instructions were really helpful. If this working-on-my-eighth-decade, decidedly non-techie old woman can load this successfully without having to phone my son for help, I’d say they’ve scored a solid A+ in the “lead me gently thru this” department. If tomorrow breaks my heart, I’ll be back to let you know. With age comes either cynicism or amnesia.

do not install

I installed this app and malware bytes immediately put it into quarantine. What is apple doing to protect our security with third party apps? The author is Chinese. @#$%^^&. The chinese government has hacked US corproations many times, maybe this is a govt sponsored hack. Not saying it is but anythign is possible. What is APPLes process in aprpoving these thrid party apps.


This software keeps the popups down and that is what I needed it to do. Thank You for making this for us all to enjoy popuo free webpages. I would say try it and if You like it Buy the full version. The Free Version works Amazing.

Couldn’t install

I gave up after many tries.

Fantastic & did not effect bandwidth or speed

Performs as advertised, extremely simple setup, copied & pasted the URL for internet proxy. Was worried about decreasing internet speed using a proxy especially since I use a paid VPN but have streamed video in HD without buffering. Impressed so far but will put it thru intensive usage to determine overall effectiveness & when it is best to turn it off. I will be checking it against other previously installed Ad Blockers to determine which are no longer being used.

I guess i am confused

As to why if I want to enable blocking ads , I am taken back to the app store to buy something else.

Great popup blocker

Easy to use app

Blocked More Than Ads

This was a terrible program. While it didn’t necessarily block all ads, it did block my computer from fully loading and it blocked my e-mail for two days - I got NOTHING! I tried, in vain, to start my computer, and when it got three -quarters of the way loaded, it stopped and went black. For two days, I couldn’t get my computer going, or it kept going black and turning off. I finally realized that the trouble started happening right after I downloaded the app. It asked for a lot of information and asked me to make a lot of changes to my comuter. When I finally put two and two together, I unistalled the program, and voilå, my computer worked again. I DON’T have to buy a new one. I will never know who wrote to me during the time period it was installed, but at least I am getting my e-mails today. As I said, I hated it. I wish I could have given it no stars.

blacks youtube on safari

This app will stop youtube videos from playing on safari. I was having trouble watching videos on youtube. most would simply not load. I had never had this problem. I did sme quick research on the internet and read that ad blockers could cause this. turned off the app and bam, everythings back to normal and working just fine. If you primarily use another web browser other than Safari, this might work for you, it didnt seem to affect Firefox. However, if Safari id yur prefereed browser, look elsewhere.

Really Good, Once Set-Up

The set up instructions were very clear, and a bit scary - pasting ULRs is a bit above my comfort zone. But I followed the instructions, which had pictures as well as those very clear written instructions, and now I’m a very happy camper - transparent and very effective removal of all the - ever increasing and increasingly annoying - ads; pop up, banner, and inserted (into the NYT, with I already pay too much for (!!) ). I tried two other blockers, that didn’t do the job/ interfered with my browser - this is a real keeper !


I’ve only used it for a little while but workes great so far. A chords/lyrics website that I like for playing guitar was almost unusable with all of the ads before I got the app, now it works great. And I see that it’s easy to turn on or off the ad blocking if needed. Thanks!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Great App… Problems Solved. CLEAN!

OMG, now I boot my Imac and there are no longer multiple windows trying to sell me services to stop multiple windows from annoying the heck out of me. Great App!!!

Works great. I love it with all my heart.

If you hate ads but love blocks, this is the app for you. Personally, I was tired of being solicited against my will and decided to take action. Thus I sought out the best ad-blocking app in the business and landed on this baby here. Perfect in every way. Incredible. Pizza. These are but a few words that describe the all-encompassing ad-combating awesomeness of the AdBlock Master. Do yourself a favor and download it today. Trust me, to wait any longer would be the act of a fool.

Doesn’t Work on all websites but overall its good!

Doesn’t work on all websites but overall its good!

Works So Far

Three stars because it is prompting me to rate after less than 15 minutes of usage. So far so good. We’ll see.

New to it but seems to be working great

My browsers were constantly being hijacked by ads and suffering poor performance as a result. After installing AdBlockMaster, I notice the difference immediately. I haven’t had it long, but so far it’s great. I would give 5 stars, but it’s still to soon to discover if there are any unseen issues.

Re-installed, as somehow this got deleted in an iOS update...

A colleague had turned me on to this tool, installing it for me a couple of years ago. Re-did it myself, very easy and straight forward. Seems to work just as well as it ever did, and it immediately stopped all my pop-ups, both Safari and Chrome.

Too soon to tell, but...

I’ve had the app for less than 24 hours, but it did a great job picking up and eliminating my adware & spyware. However, I’m having trouble logging into my Comcast account for my email. The problem may resolve itself, but if it doesn’t I’ll have a major problem.

Works great!

Perfect just what i needed- thanks!

Horrible!!!!! Use

This ‘free app not only cause a big delay for my computer to load but used a ginormous amourt of memory to do it. It did not really blockads unless I paid $15 to upgrade. It occurred to me that perhaps these people not only helped crete the annoying ads we now see but then created the ‘fix’ (and I use the term loosely) for us surfers. The FCCshould look into these kind of people. There is a way to make a living and ‘another’ way to make a living. Don’t support this type of subversive app creator.

Useless and Irritating

Dowloaded the app, and configured it and thought I was good to go. I was until I shut down the computer and then restarted. Have to reconfigure the app every time I start the computer. Could not be more useless if that was the intent.


This software installs easily, runs as though it isn’t there, and is as simple as it needs to be with being too simple. Well done, and beautiful.


so good so good tht i came

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