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so far the adblock master is good, i am able to not be desturb by ads that cause virus.

So far, so good

I’ve only had it a couple of hours and not done a LOT of surfing, but so far it seems to work really well. It got to the point that sites like Epicurious and whad so many ads that were so loud, and therefore, so annoying tht I was just not ‘going there’. But this app, so far, seems to block those ads perfectly.

Wont work.

I downloaded it then tried to access it, but the icon would just pulse and nothing else would happen. I don’t know if it is working because video ads still play in my browser and I still get pop ups. So either my ads are sneaky little buggars or this program is flawed.

Doesn’t Work

Followed intructions and will not block any ads at all. This is just NAG WARE that keeps bugging you to buy another app from them for over $20.

App Works

For those who say that it doesn’t work, it does, if you follow the instructions to activate it. I wasn’t doing it right at first, so I still saw ads, then I took my time to closely follow the instructions and voila the ads are gone and good riddance! Ads are so distracting and take away the enjoyment of visiting sites, so I’m very happy to have this free app. Thanks for making it available for us to use at no charge.

So far so good

I’d been using this app for 1 hour, so can’t definitely say how good is it, but for now - it’s good for it’s purpouse.

Review request came too quickly

I might have given this app 5 stars but the request to rate it came about two hours after I’d installed it. Not exactly enough time to know. btw, it appeared in launcher, I double clicked it, then followed instructions to go to system preferances and network to install. Easy, and I’m no computer expert.

Fast. Efficient. Simple to use.

This application quickly and efficiently detected adware on my system, and assisted me in removing it. Easy to use interface makes this app a great choice.


If it wasn’t for this app my Mac would have stayed ifected with those annoying ads, great app couldn’t say more simple and easy to use thanks!


I am not quit sure why you ask for a rating right after the program is installed I am hoping it will be a good experience. But it usually takes a little time before I can honestly give a good review.But I still marked 4 star rating. So I hope my intution is right….Thank you

Easy and Effiecient

Works as intended and works well.

May be too soon to review

I only downloaded it yesterday and just today am I experiencing it. If it acts and works as it has for the first couple of sites (one being my homepage(, I will love it. I was prompted to get an ad blocking app due to particular site I try to look at occasionally but the ads come up on right side, moving to left, then stopping in middle of article trying to read. Not just one ad. They multiply so no way to view site. If this works on such sites (forget which it is at moment), I will be as happy as a pig in mud. 5 stars for now!

Brand new user

I’ve been using this app for about 30 minutes. So far it seems to work as advertised.

A Well WORKING app

perhaps one of the better apps for personal browing, removing the stress of dealing with adds and or worse.

So far so great!

Downloaded the app and immediately went to my browser and yippee!! NO ADS! What a Godsend,I was beginning to go crazy from the dancing ad’s covering up the articles I was trying to read, and don’t get me started on the blaring commercial ad’s that were making me keep my volume on constant mute. So far I can say I’m very very happy..

Adblock Master

Just downloaded a few hours ago, which may nullify my rating. Regardless, no ads have appeared thus far.

Good so far

I installed this app only last night, so time will tell how good it really is. I haven’t been annoyed this morning, so it must be working. Anything that eliminates life’s little pain points is a good thing.

Fan flipping Tastic

It was fantastic. woo!!!!!!!

Works reasonably, but annoyingly asks for a rating almost immediately

Seems to work largely as advertised, all pop-ups gone, but some embedded ads remain. From within the 1st hour a very annoying notification comes up to rate the app that is its major con. Notification will not go away until you “like" the app, I hope. We’ll see what happens after I submit this review.


I was so tired of ads popping up and slowing down my computer as well as interrupting what I was watching or doing. With this product, my computer is running better without all the annoying ads. Thanks a lot!!!!

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